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Who’s really posting to your blog?

Do you know who’s really posting content to your blog?

Recently we had the pleasure of taking on a new client who had been abandoned by her social media manager.

The client is a businesswoman but at more than 75 years of age, she’s less than comfortable with maneuvering in this electronic, social media heavy world.  She depended on someone she was paying to take care of social media for her.  The provider set up a Facebook page for her.  While that was a good thing and something she needed to promote her business, she was depending on them to also post “relevant” content for her.

In reviewing her posts, she was horrified to find that some of her posts were promoting things that she did not support, like the legalization of marijuana and certain political views she did not share.  Because her technological limitation kept her from actually looking at what’s being posted, not only were inappropriate (to her) posts created but they were created under her business’ name. In addition, the provider she hired and paid did not create any of these posts.  They hired a free service to post on their behalf.

At InfoPrincess, we understand the needs of small businesses and their owners.  We know that learning, managing and keeping track of all things social media is very time consuming and can be confusing.  You have a business to manage and grow.   Allow us to give your business the personalized, hands-on attention that it deserves.

Call us for a free consultation and customized quote to manage your website, blog and social media.

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Tuesday Tidbits showcases Inspirational Women in Business – Recognizing Local Success

GRACE BROOKE – Your Efficiency Specialist
About 2 years ago, I had the privelege of meeting Grace Brooke at a Big Event here in Sacramento.  She was one of the featured speakers and had a great story about her life and how she reached for and achieved her goals.  I connected with Grace Brooke in social media shortly thereafter and have been a huge fan of her Efficiency Specialist information.  She organized an online accountability group that I was a part of where people from all over help each other become more efficient and organized.  It was very effective and helped me clear up a cluttered area in my home office.  Her Facebook posts of organizational ideas are fabulous and I highly recommend you get to know Grace Brooke.

If you haven’t heard of Ava Lemert, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

Known as the “Singing Saxtress of Soul”, Ava Lemert is a many-faceted talent, blessed with an immense, soulful voice to deliver her own lyrics and compositions. As an arranger and producer, Ava is also able to create music for film, TV and commercials. What’s so rare and intriguing about Ava as an artist is that she is also an accomplished saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, who enjoys bringing her music right into the audience. There’s so much more to this ‘5-foot 1-derwoman’ of song. That might be why Ava Lemert is also known as ‘Tiny DynaMite.’

The glimmer of Ava’s many talents has caught the eye of some impressive names in the music business. “Working on a Groovy Thing,” the only cover on Ava’s latest album 12welve, was produced and arranged by Tower of Power keyboardist, Roger Smith. With a fresh arrangement, luscious strings, vocal harmonies and Ava’s sizzling sax, the song is reborn with Ava’s unique, signature sound. In 2012 alone, Ava garnered many regional and national awards and nominations and the industry is starting to take note and jump on-board with spin requests, appearances and much more for Ava in 2013 as a result.
Shooting began in August and resumed again in late November, 2012 for Ava’s first music video production. A beautiful, emotional, visual feast put to the music of her single “When the Night Falls.”  The video was recently released along with an all new look and promotional images and campaign and plans are being made for regional tours to support the single, video and Ava’s albums to date. With a busy schedule, Ava has found time to craft even more unique signature songs during her recent performances, and will be also announcing her first bi-lingual (English/Spanish) original latin funk boogaloo tune “Te Quiero, Mi Amor” which should be released in 2013. and

We look forward to bringing you weekly stories of local and national women business owners who are a shining example of hard work and dedication to make their business dreams come true. If you know someone who should be featured here, please send their information to and we will contact them.


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Inspirational Women in Business – Recognizing Local Success

Local Real Estate specialist Linette Gill (Lyon Realty, Elk Grove) has been helping families in the greater Sacramento area achieve their dreams of home ownership.  In addition to being a successful realtor, wife and mother of 3, Linette is an Autism Awareness spokesperson.   For your real estate needs, visit Linette’s website at

Truly Priceless Photography specializes in creating story-telling images of your life. Margo doesn’t just take photos, she creates priceless moments.  She has been a professional photographer for over 5 years and uses an inter-active and collaborative process to assist her clients in coming up with photo shoot settings based on how she perceives the subject and what her client’s needs are.  From sports to events to family to boudoir, her style is relaxed and candid while always remaining professional.  Margo’s work can be viewed at

On a National Level …

If you don’t know what Spanx are, ask the woman next to you. Fashion-savvy women and even image-conscious men who sport Spanx for Men undershirts are familiar with the shape wear sensation once named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things and created by former door-to-door saleswoman Sara Blakely. When she cut off the feet from a pair of pantyhose to look more shapely in a pair of white pants, she didn’t realize she was creating a multimillion dollar game-changer from scratch.  Click below to read the whole story…


We look forward to bringing you weekly stories of local and national women business owners who are a shining example of hard work and dedication to make their business dreams come true.  If you know someone who should be featured here, please send their information to and we will contact them.


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